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Re: Summary of Debconf i18n activities

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> But what about the role of ordinary users?
> They may find errors in the translation or other i18n usage.
> Types of errors:
> Wrong translation
> missing translation
> inconsistency of terminology
> others.

Most of these are listed (or hidden) in "Visitors". This term covers
occasionnal users of the system, which role is inded what you

I have added a few details about these.)

> And they should have an easy way to report an error,
> Eg an interface of the windowing system (X) or the desktop
> (kde/gnome/...) Eg right click on any window and make    the error
> report. And the window manager would know which window/message was
> affected and forward the error message to the appropiate
> person/translation team.

 That seems to pertain to the implementation but the suggestion is
interesting, yes.

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