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Re: Summary of Debconf i18n activities


I am using a webmail and cannot send a diff, sorry.
Here are two general remarks:
  1. Please replace i18n by l10n everywhere.
  2. Please get the facts right, this mail summarizes
     what has been discussed in Debconf6 by attendees,
     not on this list.
     You can for instance say that preliminary ideas
     have been discussed on debian-i18n in order to
     propose a project for the GSoC, but live discussions
     and talks made attendees realize that contributing
     to WordForge is the best way to go for Debian l10n.

IMO you should remove the 2nd paragraph about WordForge.
We must prevent translators from working on documents
which are already handled by other groups.  Hopefully
we will cooperate with other l10n infrastructures one
day, but at the moment this will cause trouble.


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