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Re: Wordforge, Pootle, GSoC, Debian

(please note that I'm leaving for 3 days for a friends (re)wedding
party so I won't be able to answer to this thread nor answer in

I hope that several of you will be able to continue these threads in
the next days and weeks (from next Tuesday up to June 6th, I'll be
mostly offline again).

Just want to add the following information

> So, I hope that information is useful, particularly to all those who 
> have been involved in the discussion and planning (what is the status of 
> the GSoC project? accepted?)

Yes, it has been accepted. You'll probably soon hear from Gintautas
and his mentor, Aigars Mahinovs. Given that they live close to each
other (Gintautas in Lithuania and Aigars in Latvia), they plan to meet

Aigars was part of the meeting we had to decide the reasonable goals
for the GSoC.

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