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Re: incomprehensible sentence in exim4-config.pot.

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):

> Is that what debian-l10n-english does?

Sure. We probably underuse that mailing list (though, not being
subscribed to it, I certainly can't certify its recent traffic). MJ,
do you think that enough people there would be able to cope with
requests for review, in the case the mailing list is more heavily

Having someone commited to animate it would be great, also. I of
course expect the list to enforce the writing rules suggested in
DevRef #6.5....

> I humbly suggest "Please enter the IP address ranges which may relay
> mail through this system".

 That sounds perfect to me. Marc (Haber), as I've now finished
breaking the xorg package templates, it's maybe time to jump into
exim4 ones...:-)....However, in that case, I know you also want to
rework all debconf stuff. We don't have much time left now, before the
base freeze.

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