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Re: l10n framework

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 03:55:27AM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:
> here is my vision of a l10n infrastructure.
> The workflow for translations is divided into 4 steps:
>   1. Import of translatable strings
>   2. Translation
>   3. Export of translations
>   4. Translation status
> Most discussions have been about (2), but the other steps
> are also very important.  I will send seperate messages for
> each step, otherwise discussions are hard to follow.
> Another key point of the infrastructure is to provide a
> central place where developers and translators can easily
> get in touch.  For instance, if a developer has a bug
> report about a Khmer traduction, she should be able to
> contact the Khmer team.  If a user wants to report a typo
> in a program, she should find her translation team easily.
> This is mostly a question of URLs, translation teams
> could have some pages located at
>    http://l10n.debian.org/teams/<ISO_language_code>
> List aliases for language teams would be nice too.
> At the moment, translation teams are not visible enough
> and many users report translation errors to maintainers
> directly instead of translation teams.


on debconf we work the last days on this topic. I will get your points
and add they to the paper for the BoF tomorrow. 

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