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l10n framework


here is my vision of a l10n infrastructure.
The workflow for translations is divided into 4 steps:
  1. Import of translatable strings
  2. Translation
  3. Export of translations
  4. Translation status
Most discussions have been about (2), but the other steps
are also very important.  I will send seperate messages for
each step, otherwise discussions are hard to follow.

Another key point of the infrastructure is to provide a
central place where developers and translators can easily
get in touch.  For instance, if a developer has a bug
report about a Khmer traduction, she should be able to
contact the Khmer team.  If a user wants to report a typo
in a program, she should find her translation team easily.
This is mostly a question of URLs, translation teams
could have some pages located at
List aliases for language teams would be nice too.

At the moment, translation teams are not visible enough
and many users report translation errors to maintainers
directly instead of translation teams.


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