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[D-I] Situation of D-I level 1 changes

This mail is aimed for D-I translators...

Those of you who are receiving automated notifications of changes for
D-I files will have received several of them in the last two days.

Most often, these mail will notify you of modifications.....but the
end result if the file for your language being complete..:-)

This is indeed a consequence of changes I'm currently doing, which
"split" out strings with several Choices in more than one string:

msgid "Choice 1, Choice 2"


msgid "Choice 1"

msgid "Choice 2"

So, most of the time, you *don't* need to update your level 1
file....except when it had errors such as not enough choices.

One exception to this: the s390-netdevice changes done by Bastian
Blank this week-end.


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