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[D-I] No update needed for s390-dasd change

Dear translators,

Those of you who receive automatic notifications of changes will
have received things like this:

>  Outdated:
> +    *debian-installer/packages/arch/s390/dasd/debian/po/fr.po: 13t1f0u [Christian Perrier]


> -Global statistics: 1605t0f0u (100%)     (total strings: 1605=100%)
> +Global statistics: 1604t1f0u (99%)     (total strings: 1605=100%)
>  (From all fr.po files)
> -Master: 1467tfu
> +Master: 1466t1fu

Do not bother updating the changed string. I will split it out soon
and the remaining translatable part (the word "Finish") is already
translated elsewhere.

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