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Re: Yoruba and Hausa language support

> > I do know. I just hope they share what they have. I'm not sure about
> > that yet, as Wazobia Linux seems to be a commercial product...
> Wouldn't translations of a GPL'ed product count as 'derived from'?
> Which would mean they are legally obliged to supply the source for
> these translations. Have you checked their website?

They said they will transfer their Gnome and KDE translation effort into
the main branch. I was just wondering why they don't work together with
Gnome/KDE/OOo/FF's own localization projects, as this may save a lot of
work and time. (Maybe they do, but I havn't seen any progress on their

I can't imagine them keeping back that data. I'm just curious about
me getting this stuff (however it will look like) into Debian. ;-)

> grts Tim

sl ritch

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