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Re: D-I Manual - Release planned, please update translations

On Sunday 16 April 2006 16:35, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'd like to upload a new release of the Installation Guide after next
> weekend (22/23 April).

The new release has been uploaded and accepted, so changes to the English 
version are welcome again.

Notes for the uploaded release:
- languages that were enabled: Catalan, Italian and Swedish
- languages that were excluded: Brazilian (not sufficiently up-to-date)
- languages that were incomplete but not excluded: Greek and Korean

The reason that the latter two were included and Brazilian was not is that 
Greek and Korean use PO files for translation and thus for untranslated 
or "fuzzy" strings the original English text will be included. For an 
interim release that is acceptable as at least the text will be 
up-to-date, even if not fully translated.

I'd very much prefer to see fully updated translations in releases though.


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