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Re: Thai d-i translation announcement

Quoting Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (thep@linux.thai.net):
> Hello,
> I'm happy to announce that debian-installer translation
> for Thai has (eventually) started.

I'm of course very happy to welcome the Thai translation community in
the Debian Installer translation effort. Theppitak is not a new name
in the Debian l10n community but that official announcement is likely
to give some push to Thai localisation in Debian.

This even more completes the ongoing support for South and South-East
Asia languages which has had a great progress during last year:

-several of the 21 official languages from India are under work:
 - Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil already there and waiting for the
   graphical installer
 - Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada at various steps of the new language 
-Nepali and Dzongkha (national language of Bhutan) are beginning the effort
-Vietnamese is already supported, thanks to the tireless Clytie and
 the Vietnamese l10n community
-Khmer will soon be supported thanks to Kakada Hok and the KhmerOS
-Lao will also soon start with Anousak Souphavanh and the LaoLinux

Among the major languages of the area, I think we're now mostly
missing Malay and Burmese...

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