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Re: Preview of the i18n and l10n paper for Debcon6

"=?ISO-8859-2?Q?Eddy_Petri=BAor?=" <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>
> I am sure Christian ment somethign along the lines of:
> Javier and myself and they perfectly know
> we do not push for English  as the universal language: we just live
> with the fact that is mostly used in international context, just like
> Debian does.

Even so, where is the evidence for that "fact"? Please don't
present language politics as assertions of fact.

> > Most people will find Esperanto far faster to learn than English
> > and there are plentiful resources online like www.lernu.net
> I looked over that link but I couldn't find Romanian -> Esperanto;

Note: *like*. You may find learning materials in books,
on http://www.esperanto.net/info/index_ro.html or
http://www.esperanto.ro/meniu.html but I'm not well-placed
to judge material in that language. Once one has a basic
understanding, monolingual teaching materials ("Gerda malaperis"
for example) can take you on from there. It's really easy.

> also true for a few other hundered languages spoken on Earth, so,

Probably true. Although relatively few languages have no Esperanto
teaching material, ethnologue lists over 6000 living languages,
so it's probably still hundreds without any.

> although Esperanto might be a neutral language is not yet that well
> know world wide to replace English as a frequenlty used language in
> conversations between speakers of different origins.

I don't understand this.

> Again, please do not overreact, we don't need politics nor bureaucracy.

I agree. I am arguing against including language politics in
this paper about debian-i18n-l10n.

I don't see what bureaucracy has to do with it. I frequently speak
out against bureaucracy (for example, in 1999, 2004, 2005 on
http://mjr.towers.org.uk/blog/2005-3.html#alugctte ). If you're
suggesting that having evidence before claiming facts is
bureaucracy, then I'll be gobsmacked.

Best wishes,
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