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Preview of the i18n and l10n paper for Debcon6

Hi guys,

Christian Perrier and I have been writting a paper for a round table at 
Debconf6 [1]. This paper tries to cover most (if not all) of the l10n/i18n
projects in Debian and we would like it to be something everybody can
contribute it (we will eventually add it to the DDP, after Debconf6).

For the time being, and before we provide the last version to the Debconf6
committee we would like other people in the i18n team to review it. You can
find it (HTML, PDF and XML versions) here:

I would really appreciate if others could forward me patches improving that
document. Notice there are still some FIXME and TBDs there (specially in the
last chapter), if somebody wants to tackle those fully (i.e. writting the
missing sections) it would be great!



[1] https://debconf6.debconf.org/comas/general/proposals/14

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