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Re: Preview of the i18n and l10n paper for Debcon6

Quoting Serge Leblanc (serge.leblanc@wanadoo.fr):

> Dans le premier chapitre, vous affirmez que l'anglais est la langue
> universelle.

I think that starting this debate is not the point. Most people in the
Debian i18n community know Javier and myself and they perfectly know
we do not push for English  as the universal language: we just live
with that fact, just like Debian does.

Free software development is about being pragmatic....

I have been able to understand your message because I speak
french. Javier probably could by using analogies between Esperanto,
French and his mother tongue, Spanish....

But what about others?

So, we will maybe change this sentence slightly to explain that
English is the de facto communication language in the world in general
and Free Software more particularly. But that's nearly all what we'll do...

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