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Re: Preview of the i18n and l10n paper for Debcon6

> 1.1 - is this a late April Fool? Despite this comment which I disagree
> with, the paper seems to be written in USAmerican. It's always amused

Just like the installer documentation, d-i itself and much
documentation. Actually, this is something I personnally don't agree
that much with and I'd prefer using British spelling but I'm afraid
I'm not competent enough in the English language to detect all US-isms
in what I write (actually my own English is more something like
airport English, with some Frenglish everywhere).

Javier and I are not native speakers. Corrections from native speakers
are highly welcomed.

> and so on with small errors. I did learn a lot about other
> translation projects and robots, though.
> > I would really appreciate if others could forward me patches improving that
> > document.
> No source code. Not possible.

I would have appreciated some other comment like "you made a little
mistake in setting permissions on the source file which makes it
impossible to be read".

I uploaded the file to
http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/debian-i18n-l10n.xml as a temporary workaround.

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