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Re: Cleaning out the D-I supported languages list

Bearjadat, njukčamánu 31. b. 2006 18.05, Christian Perrier čálii:
> Quoting Børre Gaup (boerre@skolelinux.no):
> > I would like to have a go at translating d-i to Northern Sami. I have
> > registered an account at alioth, and I am reading the d-i i18n and l10n
> > guide right now.
> You get it. Hopefully, I will add you to the project tonight, which
> means you'll be able to commit in the SVN from tomorrow morning 06:45 UTC.
Ok, that's good
> > I have worked on the skolelinux/Debian-Edu project. Through that project
> > I have made a Northern Sami locale for linux, keyboard for X, and
> > translated KDE and KOffice.
> Welcome on board (even if I know you're already deeply involved in
> these translations). I'm very glad to see that Northern Sami will now
> be completely supported in D-I soon (and thus Skolelinux and other
> derivatives, of course).
Thank you:)
> I intentionnally jump over the whole New Language Process because
> Northern Sami is already listed in languages choices, for historical
> reasons.
I'll take a look to see there is something lacking.
> I might just need to get the "needed_characters" file mentioned in the
> step 4 of the New Language Process. Am I correct assuming the "se"
> uses a Latin-based alphabet and thus we won't have special
> requirements for the grpahical installer?
Apart from latin1, the following characters are used: 
š - s caron
ŋ - eng
đ - d stroke
ž - z caron
č - c caron
ŧ - t stroke

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