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[D-I] After beta2, work is resuming in Debian Installer

Dear translators,

Holidays are over.....

After the release of beta2 with 40 complete languages, the development
work has now resumed on D-I.

Some languages have already 1f10u from a localechooser addition I made
yesterday: region names (North America, etc.) are now again
translatable, a feature that had been lost while moving from

As a consequence, I grabbed translations from languages that were
supported in sarge, but I couldn't do so for those which weren't...

In the same time, Frans slightly modified a string in network-console,
meaning some work for all of us.

Let's go back to work and prepare beta3. Beware that that release is
scheduled very soon, so you'd better update your translations and keep
them updated.

I recommend the use of the di-monitor.sh script by Peter Mann to
survey the translation statistics.


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