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D-I Manual - Outdated translations

Currently a number of translation of the Installation Guide are badly 
outdated because they have not yet followed the changes needed because of 
the removal of base-config.

For this reason, I plan to set the translations listed below to
"i386 build only" which means that they will be shown in the list of 
"incomplete or out-of-date" languages below the main table on [1].
It also means they will be excluded in the next upload of the manual 
(whenever that may be). I plan to make this change sometime next week.

The affected languages are:
- Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
- Catalan (ca)
- German (de)
- Korean (ko)
- Spanish (es)
- Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)


P.S. I will also be moving Dutch to the incomplete list.

[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/

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