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Re: Policy Translation

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[ Adding -i18n to play together with us. :o) ]

On 03/22/2006 01:09 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) writes ("Policy Translation"):
>>	One of the translators from debian-l10n-portuguese, started
>>the translation of Debian Policy to Brazilian Portuguese. Sometime
>>ago, debian-l10n-portuguese adopted a QA process based on the work
>>of other translation/localization teams.
> I don't want to be discouraging, but are we sure that translating our
> internal documents like the policy manual is a very good idea ?

	There are two important points: (1) A good translation can
help non-native speakers to understand some points that is not quite
clear and (2) the translation is already in progress. :o)

	When the person that is translating the docs arrive, he
already has some chapters translated, of course, I checked around
and couldn't found any references about how to translate it and
how to integrate that translation. Then I decide to ask and create
some "background" on the subject.

	I agree that the policy is an internal document, but I
found an old reference for a Japanese Translation of the Policy.
Anyway, I can say that we are using this as an unofficial
translation and add this to [1]our wiki.

1.http://www.debianbrasil.org (pt_BR)

> The technical business of the project is carried out largely in
> English, so the audience for the policy manual will have to be
> reasonably familiar with English; that limits the target audience
> rather.

	Agreed. Althought, I would not like to throw away his
translation work, I just want to be sure how is the proper
procedure to add an official translation, if it is not a good
idea, we should document this to avoid further efforts and I
will speak with -l10n-portuguese to add this as an unofficial
translation, probably he will change his efforts to other

> Even the best possible translations can never be entirely 100%
> identical in meaning, and often in practice translations contain
> errors and are out of date.

	Yep, that's absolutely true, but for such special documents
we should devote special attention and special care. Anyway, I just
want a position and/or reference, something like: "we shouldn't
translate Policy", or "please, send SGML files to our list and we
will merge it". :-)

> Regards,
> Ian.

	Kind regards,

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