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Re: LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 07:31:07AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > > $LANGUAGE is set to de_DE:de:en_GB:en while $LANG is set to en_US
> > > If I set $LANG as de_DE everything works as expected! So the remaining
> > > question is: why are the environment variables set this weird way?
> > 
> > You are right, this is a good question.  There has been another report
> > about the same issue, so we have to understand why it happens.  At the
> > moment, I can only think of this scenario:
> >   * installation in German
> >   * after installation is complete, run 'dpkg-reconfigure locales' and
> >     select en_US.
> > Is this what happened?  If not, can you please describe how to reproduce
> > your settings?
> Denis question raises an interesting question: what is the value added
> with D-I setting LANGUAGE in /etc/environment?

The problem arises on systems installed more than one year ago, so I
don't know if this is an issue any more. I've been installing Debian
with the installer set to German, but did not set a default locale.

I've installed sid using D-I on a laptop yesterday and the problem seems
not to exist any more (at least for me)!

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