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Re: LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

> >   Malagasy;1;mg_MG;mg_MG.UTF-8;mg;MG;mg_MG:fr_FR;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
> Did you noticed that mg_MG is used twice? Isn't mg used when mg_MG is
> not found (so it can be removed too)?

Not exactly. The format and use of localechooser entries is kinda
funky..:-). The first mg_MG means....that there is only one
language+country combination for Malagasy....:-)

From the README file of localechooser:

The format if the following:


   -Language        =language name, in English
                     It is recommended to refer to ISO-639
   -Supported env.  =code to define in which environments this language
                     can be supported by the installer
                     0=OK in ASCII-only environments
		     1=OK in Latin-1 only environment (Linux console
                       without framebuffer, some serial consoles)
                     2=OK with the framebuffer console
                     3=OK with the framebuffer console but not
                       possible to display in the regular Linux console
                     4=OK only with the graphical installer
   -locale          =default locale
                     xx for languages with multiple countries
                     i.e. languages for which a valid locale may exist
                     with several different countries-->type 1 (see below)
                     xx_YY when only one country code leads to a supported
                     locale-->type 2 (see below)
		     IMPORTANT: using xx alone here IS THE WAY to choose
                     whether the countrychooser *short* list will be
                     shown to users
                     If xx_YY is found, users will NOT be prompted for
                     a country at default priority
                     You should first check in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED
                     whether one or more countries are supported for this
		     language when building this entry

                     Language translators are requested to closely follow
                     the evolution of locales if their language only uses
                     one country.

   -fallbacklocale  =fallback locale (MUST be valid, except for modifier
                                      see below)
                     This locale will be used in case the user goes to
                     the "other" choice in countrychooser and chooses a
                     country with "unsupported" locale

		     It is recommended to use here the country where
                     the language is most widely spoken

		     Any modifier (@euro for instance) or charset mentioned
                     here will be ADDED to the final locale if such combination
		     is supported. 

                     Example: English uses "en_US@euro". If the user chooses
                              USA as country, the @euro will be dropped as
                              these is no en_US@euro locale. However, if
                              Ireland is chosen, the locale will be en_IE@euro

   -langcode        =iso-639 TWO characters language code
                     DO NOT GUESS IT. Please check in the iso-codes
                     and locales packages

		     Three letter language code may, at the moment
		     this documentation is written, trigger hidden
		     problems. If a new language has no two-letter ISO
                     code, then this problem should be sorted out.
		     If we're lucky, everything is OK and 3-letter codes
                     will work..:-)

   -countrycode     =default value for country choice in countrychoose
                     MUST be a valid ISO-3166 alpha-2 code

                     DO NOT GUESS IT. Please check in the iso-codes

   -langlist        =colon-separated list of possible fallback languages
                     this will be used in the LANGUAGE variable
                     this DOES NOT be empty

                     Please think carefully before adding "close" languages.
		     Experience has proven that this is not always a good
                     idea because of hidden political or cultural problems.

   -console-data    =special options for the console-data package
                     (mostly keyboard or temrinal settings)

You can think that this design is a little influenced by smoking
unauthorized substance (except in Netherlands) and you'd be rather

This is more historical than logical and I plan to redesign and
simplify this, some day.

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