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LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

> > $LANGUAGE is set to de_DE:de:en_GB:en while $LANG is set to en_US
> > If I set $LANG as de_DE everything works as expected! So the remaining
> > question is: why are the environment variables set this weird way?
> You are right, this is a good question.  There has been another report
> about the same issue, so we have to understand why it happens.  At the
> moment, I can only think of this scenario:
>   * installation in German
>   * after installation is complete, run 'dpkg-reconfigure locales' and
>     select en_US.
> Is this what happened?  If not, can you please describe how to reproduce
> your settings?

Denis question raises an interesting question: what is the value added
with D-I setting LANGUAGE in /etc/environment?

This is actually something that we have kept all along D-I history but
I don't see much point in keeping this except for languages where we
would like to set languages other than English as "backup".

However, in all cases where we tried this....we reverted it
soon. Ukrainian people don't like falling back to Russian, for
instance..:-). And Catalan people really don't want to fall back to
Castillan even if this is what they do daily..:-)

And, now we have similar stuff in all entries:


So, I hereby propose emptying the 7th field of localechooser which is
responsible for setting the LANGUAGE variable and have D-I set this
variable ONLY when it is not empty.

Please followup to debian-i18n

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