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Re: LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 07:31:07AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> However, in all cases where we tried this....we reverted it
> soon. Ukrainian people don't like falling back to Russian, for
> instance..:-). And Catalan people really don't want to fall back to
> Castillan even if this is what they do daily..:-)
> And, now we have similar stuff in all entries:
> fr_FR:fr:en_GB:en
> So, I hereby propose emptying the 7th field of localechooser which is
> responsible for setting the LANGUAGE variable and have D-I set this
> variable ONLY when it is not empty.

The following entries have non-trivial settings, it may be worth keeping
  Northern Sami;1;se_NO;se_NO.UTF-8;se;NO;se_NO:nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun(utf8)
  Norwegian Bokmaal;1;nb_NO;nb_NO.UTF-8;nb;NO;nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
  Norwegian Nynorsk;1;nn_NO;nn_NO.UTF-8;nn;NO;nn_NO:nn:no_NO:no:nb_NO:nb:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
Or change them into
  Northern Sami;1;se_NO;se_NO.UTF-8;se;NO;se_NO:nb_NO:no_NO:nn_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun(utf8)
  Norwegian Bokmaal;1;nb_NO;nb_NO.UTF-8;nb;NO;nb_NO:no_NO:nn_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
  Norwegian Nynorsk;1;nn_NO;nn_NO.UTF-8;nn;NO;nn_NO:no_NO:nb_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)


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