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Re: LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

> The following entries have non-trivial settings, it may be worth keeping
> them:
>   Malagasy;1;mg_MG;mg_MG.UTF-8;mg;MG;mg_MG:fr_FR:fr:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Northern Sami;1;se_NO;se_NO.UTF-8;se;NO;se_NO:nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun(utf8)
>   Norwegian Bokmaal;1;nb_NO;nb_NO.UTF-8;nb;NO;nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Norwegian Nynorsk;1;nn_NO;nn_NO.UTF-8;nn;NO;nn_NO:nn:no_NO:no:nb_NO:nb:da:sv:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Portuguese;1;pt;pt_PT.UTF-8;pt;PT;pt_PT:pt:pt_BR:en_GB:en;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
> Or change them into
>   Malagasy;1;mg_MG;mg_MG.UTF-8;mg;MG;mg_MG:fr_FR;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Northern Sami;1;se_NO;se_NO.UTF-8;se;NO;se_NO:nb_NO:no_NO:nn_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun(utf8)
>   Norwegian Bokmaal;1;nb_NO;nb_NO.UTF-8;nb;NO;nb_NO:no_NO:nn_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Norwegian Nynorsk;1;nn_NO;nn_NO.UTF-8;nn;NO;nn_NO:no_NO:nb_NO:da:sv;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)
>   Portuguese;1;pt;pt_PT.UTF-8;pt;PT;pt_PT:pt_BR;kbd=lat0-sun16(utf8)

Yes, I was thinking about those with non trivial entries and intended
to keep them.

Malagasy: choice by the translator to have French as backup because of
          the country culture

Sami: choice by the Skolelinux team to offer Norwegian as backup

Bokmal/Nynorsk: keep backwards compatibility with apps that still have
"no" translations and use Nynorsk for backup of Bokaml and Bokaml for
backup of Nynorsk

Portuguese: allow Brazilian as backup for Portuguese

(no need for pt to be "backup" of pt_BR as this is naturally done)

Is anyone disagreeing with this?

I take Denis followup as a GO...:-)

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