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Re: LANGUAGE variable set by D-I (was: Re: Bug#356997: apt: internationalization of yes/no answers does not accept displayed answers)

Am Freitag, 17. März 2006 07:31 schrieb Christian Perrier:
> This is actually something that we have kept all along D-I history but
> I don't see much point in keeping this except for languages where we
> would like to set languages other than English as "backup".
> And, now we have similar stuff in all entries:
> fr_FR:fr:en_GB:en
> So, I hereby propose emptying the 7th field of localechooser which is
> responsible for setting the LANGUAGE variable and have D-I set this
> variable ONLY when it is not empty.

There is nothing wrong with fr_FR:fr, right?

Also we should consider possible dialects for *one* language such as de_DE,
de_AT, de_BE, de_CH, de_LU for German. I remember that there exist some
translations only in one dialect, just because the translator is not willing or
unfamiliar with de_DE. Nevertheless they are more useful than the C fallback


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