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Re: Questions about locale creation

>Denis Barbier made a very interesting presentation last year at
>Debconf 5 (which I very unfortunately missed because I was just
>preparing my own presentation which was scheduled just after it).
>You probably can find pointers on this presentation and even the
>presentation video itself. I just don't have the right URL handy right
Ahh,.. I'll look for it :-)

>Denis, ping (though using "locale" in a mail subject is very likely to
>trigger an answer by Denis).....
Not sure,.. I've already had contact with him (due to a possible bug in
console-data, an he pointed me to this list withm my questions ;-) )

>About a "en_DE" locale: I think that such locales are somewhat
>discouraged upstream (ie in the glibc) when the given language is not
>an official language in the relevant country. Otherwise we would have
>a crazy nightmare of thoousands of locales. So, don't expect to see it
>accepted upstream, I think. en_DK is a counterexample which is in
>locales for historical reasons and was meant to be a kind of demo
Oh,.. I've never intended to ask for inclusion, this is just my private
locale, of course it is public domain if someone would like to use it.
I've just created it because I'm using an english-only system, but
living in Germany. My locale does nearly exactly the following: English
langugage, location Germany, Date/Number-Formats/and about everything
else: International standards (ISO date format, e.g.)... with one
further exception.... €, EUR as monetary symbols.

>But, well, at some moment I was myself writing an ar_FR locale,


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