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Re: Questions about locale creation

Quoting Christoph Anton Mitterer (calestyo@scientia.net):
> Hi
> Can you point me to a good ressource where everything about
> locales/charsets/keyboardmodes/etc is explained.
> -I mean introductory things about how charmaps/keyboardsettings/locales
> relate to each other, and how to properly create them.
> And epecially for locales, how to properly include new locales in a
> Debian system.

Denis Barbier made a very interesting presentation last year at
Debconf 5 (which I very unfortunately missed because I was just
preparing my own presentation which was scheduled just after it).

You probably can find pointers on this presentation and even the
presentation video itself. I just don't have the right URL handy right

Denis, ping (though using "locale" in a mail subject is very likely to
trigger an answer by Denis).....

About a "en_DE" locale: I think that such locales are somewhat
discouraged upstream (ie in the glibc) when the given language is not
an official language in the relevant country. Otherwise we would have
a crazy nightmare of thoousands of locales. So, don't expect to see it
accepted upstream, I think. en_DK is a counterexample which is in
locales for historical reasons and was meant to be a kind of demo

But, well, at some moment I was myself writing an ar_FR locale,

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