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[D-I] One string to fix in grub-installer

I usually do not send notices updates to the list but we're now
approaching the D-I beta2 release and the need for translators to keep
up-to-date is increasing.

So, until beta2 release, I will send notices here so that as many
translators as possible can keep their work complete.

One string has been added to grub-installer yesterday.

After synchronisation, this string is marked as "fuzzy" in the d-i
level 1 master PO files. 

Fixing it is VERY easy and should not take more than a couple of
seconds as the string is "Reinstall the GRUB boot loader" while we
already had "Install the GRUB boot loader" in D-I....

Please fix is ASAP. Before this, we had 22 languages at 100% so I
expect at least all of these to be complete soon.

WE CAN DO BETTER. Even though there won't be any string freeze, I
think we can have not less then 40 or 45 complete languages for
beta2....but please hurry!

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