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Re: Work on a centralized infrastructure for i18n/l10n

> > - a way for translation teams to decide how the review process of new
> >   translations is done ("needs 1 review", "needs X reviews", "does not need
> >   review")

PRESENT in transdict

> > - a way to detect consistency in translations (same term translated

PRESENT in transdict (iirc)

>         I would like to add the idea of trying to "compare" strings, AFAIK
> kbabel work like this, it is able to do some "approach" in the string
> comparison.

PRESENT in transdict (iirc)

>         We could also think about a dict interface (it was suggested
> in another thread) integrated, we can define the codes, abbreviations
> and other itens that we are going to use.


> > - a way to automatically extract (from packages, CVS or SVN) and update
> >   the po's we use in Debian:
> >       * po-debconf
> >       * po-xml (some documents)
> >       * po-ddtp?

partly PRESENT in transdict

> > - a way to work with things that are not po files:
> >       * wml files
> >       * some documents (XML or SGML)
> >       * manpages

partly PRESENT in transdict (no wml, afair)

> > - a way for translators to disable Pottle-managed translations
> >   (I don't understand why, for example the spanish translation of Gaim
> >    is in Pootle, I never asked for it and don't use it)

I don't understand the scenario...

> > So what we might need is a pootle instance running in Debian servers,
> > customised for the project and managed (database and server) by the DSA so
> > proper permissions can be given to i18n teams.
>         We should also add some workflow requirements which could impact
> the framework development. The most important part looks like is the

> - - contributores should be able to work online and offline

both PRESENT in transdict

>         The concept of DDTP sounds interesting to the offline part, together
>         with the pseudo-urls model, which brings the ability to avoid double
>         work (ITT,ITR)

transdict could be modified for this purpose

> - - package descriptions
>         Are we able to work in the packages translations (for apt-like tools)
>         after a release? Or we should only work in sid? Could we integrate
>         this "automagically" in the framework? :)

must be added to transdict

> - - unified statistics and reports
>         Bring all the statistics to a central place, with reports of what
>         is "on hold" (ITT,ITR), pending translations, outdated and manuals
>         like D-I and DDP. We should really try to get everything together.

PRESENT in transdict (per language statistics - i.e. one transdict
instalation/language, but different databases could be queried to
generate global statistics)

>         I really don't know about the Copyright impacts in translations. We
> should also be ready to track contributions and state clear the license
> model of the translated contributions (if it already exists, sorry, I didn't
> found it). :o)

usually it is the same license as the targeted app/manual/doc, but you
are right, this is a sensitive point (forced declaration of the
license - at upload time or something could provide the support for

>         One of my ideas with the framework is that we can bring up a common
> policy for i18n/l10n, being very flexible with l10n team, but very well
> structured with i18n debian common infrastructure.

Please contact the main transdict's main developer:
"Denis Lackovic"
 - <delacko at gmail.com>
 - <delacko fly.srk.fer.hr>

Let me shout again: TRANSDICT has *many* of the NEEDED features

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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