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[D-I] Level 2 translations

Hello folks,

I have just sent a big round of translation update requests to all
translators who have outdated files among the packages identified as
part of the "level 2" translations for Debian Installer.

These "level 2" translations are nearly as important for a properly
translated installer than "level 1".

This includes translations for the following packages:

newt, tasksel, iso-codes, console-data, popularity-contest, exim4

No notices have been sent for newt and exim4: indeed newt will soon
move from level2 to level5 as these very short translations are no
more used in D-I (but are used on each and every debconf template). 

I'll probably send a translation request for exim4, but this
translation is a big work and only a small part of it appears in the
standard installs.


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