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Re: Work on a centralized infrastructure for i18n/l10n

On 2005/12/22, at 20:04, Thomas Huriaux wrote:

                                       translation tool
              conv tl        |<------------------------------->|
original file <-----> po file| | translator
                             |<-----> other format <---------->|
                              conv tl              transl tool

It could indeed be a good idea for po-reluctant people. Everybody would
be free to choose either to translate directly po files, or to
reconvert po files into another format and then translate it. It's
just a little bit more complex, but it should be doable.

Not po-reluctant. Some formats are better translated in tools that provide other functions: sentence segmentation (srx or not) for leveraging translation memories is not available in .po tools (as far as I know).

Besides, the translation memory standard is xliff, not po. So your schema should be:

                            translation tool (plenty of xliff tools)
              conv tl        |<------------------------------->|
original file <--> xliff file| | translator
                             |<---> other format (incl po)<--->|
                              conv tl              transl tool

Jean-Christophe Helary

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