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Re: Re: About pt_BR and pt_PT translations

Dear translators

I have subscribed to this mailing list on a short notice because a
friend translator of mine (one of those who translates the Debian
GNU/Linux in Portuguese from Europe) told me about this recurring
discussion.  I'll try to be brief and concise.  But fair.

Portuguese is *one* language.  In different parts of Portugal we have
different people with different accent speaking Portuguese.  I'm sure
the same thing happens in Brazil and in other Portuguese speaking
countries.  There are different used words and different used meanings.
But it's Portuguese.  And I think that we should co-exist peacefully.

About the use of this mailing list in particular, I don't use it, and
the translators in Portugal probably don't use it either.  (I maintain a
page of statistics about the translation process in PT so I have a
clue).  We don't care.  If translators in Brazil want to cooperate,
thats fine, but if they don't, thats fine too.  This happens vice-versa
I think.

I'm opened to suggestions about this.  Do translators in Brazil are
organised?  Do you want us to help each other?  Why does this topic
keeps poping around every now and then?  Debian has resources to help
translators work together and thank you indeed.  More heads think better
than one.  But we have resources too.

Sincere regards to all translators (in every language) and thanks for the
wonderful job and time spent.

I think this message while arrive off the thread.  For that I'm sorry.


PS:  Oh... and the link:  http://pdeb.berlios.de/

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