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Re: Package description translation (fwd)

"Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)" <felipe@cathedrallabs.org> writes:

>> What should I do to start with that (huge) project for which I'm 
>> sure other members of debian-l10n-french will be interested ?
> 	You mean DDTP/DDTS? For that part of translation we really
> need to wait until the new structure is online and then we can
> start again our work. And also, you have to give some chocolate to
> your favorite "apt tools/gadgets" maintainers to add suport to
> translated Packages Descriptions. :-)

APT in experimental now support DDTP. It has been include in last
upload by Michael Vogt using my patch and also some work did later by
me and he together.

Well, I accept the chocolate ;-)

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