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Bengali near 100% in Debian Installer

I am proud to announce that, thanks to the translators of the
Bengalinux project [http://bengalinux.org] comprising volunteers from
both India & Bangladesh like Baishampayan Ghose, Jamil Ahmed & Progga,
the Bengali language support is now nearly complete in Debian Installer
core packages (so-called "level 1" translations).

Bengali is one of the most widely spoken languages in the *world*,
with about 170M to 190M native speakers. It is the state language in
some states from Eastern India and, of course, the national langauge
of Bangladesh.

This progress is one of the most visible consequences of the recent
efforts by the debian-in development group to improve the support for
languages of South Asia in Debian (and, indirectly, in Debian derived

Combined with the huge effort aimed at building a "graphical" version
of the Debian Installer, able to support languages with complex
rendering algotithms such as South and South-East Asia languages, this
will certainly give a big push to the development of Debian in this
part of the world.

Translations already exist for Hindi (180M speakers), Bengali (180M),
Punjabi (30M) and effort will soon start for Gujarati (46M), Kannada
(35M), Malayalam (35M), Sanskrit, Tamil (66M).

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