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Re: Fwd: d-i step 9 for Gujarati Langauge: Where I am stopping!

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

> Instead of committing a fake file to trunk they could set up their
> /people/ directory and commit a file to there. 
> Of course, that would require a bit more knowledge of svn.

Well, good suggestion. I can amend the i18n doc for this.

However, I'd like to avoid requiring translators to check out a too
large directory such as people...

I'll setup a "sandbox" directory in people if noone disagrees with
this. I could set it in "bubulle" but I prefer avoiding things being
too related to my own login...after all, I'm not i18n coord for my
entire life..:)

I'll put a readme file there....and then I'll change the i18n doc to
require new translators to commit their fake file there.

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