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Re: spellchecker update

hi Clytie,

> Please bear in mind that not all languages can use a spellchecker in  
> any effective way.

that's true, but I'm sure a lot of the infos produced by the spellchecker
can be used by all language teams:

* suspect variables are easily spotted 
* the file containing all the language msgstrs, without english strings,
is useful for consistency check and if there's any tool for analyzing your
language strings
> Since Vietnamese is composed entirely of monosyllabic words combined in
> different ways to create meaning, we really need a grammar- checker, not
> a spellchecker. There are, in fact, very few possible combinations of
> the Vietnamese alphabet which are not viable words in our language.

is it possible to use such sw against the above file ("vi_all.txt") ?
I'd be interested to know...



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