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Re: New translation coordinator for Icelandic

Quoting Eddy Petrişor (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):
> > > The new language process for Icelandic is just about complete, so
> > > translation will start soon. I will take the role of language
> > > coordinator, and try to find more people interested in translating.
> Probably there are efforts around; one should avoid splitting teams
> without colaborating, we have this ciurrently in Romania, and is not
> good at all (we intend to fix this soon)

Well, the "around" for Iceland is really small..:-) (in terms of number of

I already pointed David to the early discussions that took place in
debian-user-icelandic about Debian translations. Up to now, the interest to
translate the installer in Icelandic was not that high because many
Icelandic geeks share the unfortunately common feeling that, as most of the
people in their country speak English, this is not needed (which is a
complete mistake if one thinks way far ahead from the geeky
community....even people with good skills in a foreign language want to use
tools in their *native* language).

I guess there is some l10n effort for end-user applications in Icelandic,
but David is probably aware of this...or will soon contact some of them

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