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Re: New translation coordinator for Icelandic

> > The new language process for Icelandic is just about complete, so
> > translation will start soon. I will take the role of language
> > coordinator, and try to find more people interested in translating.

Probably there are efforts around; one should avoid splitting teams
without colaborating, we have this ciurrently in Romania, and is not
good at all (we intend to fix this soon)

> > Anyway, on a less formal note, my name is Davíð, I'm 20 years old
> > and I live in Reykjavík. I study electronics at a local college.
> > Although this is the first time I take an active role in the debian
> > project, I have been a user for around four years now.

Welcome and good luck!

> "Debian speaks your language."  :)
> We should have a T-shirt made. Do we have a webpage yet, where we say
> that in all our different languages?

We can add it to the wiki ;-)

I have just added the page to the Wiki:


> That would be fun, as well as giving any browser's Unicode support a
> good workout. ;)

Please add your translation ;-)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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