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Announcing the real time list of supported languages in Debian Installer

First of all, the URL:


You currently need a fully XML/XSL capable browser for this to
display. Mozilla and Firefox are reported OK while Konqueror is
not. I'll setup a built HTML page as soon as possible but this
requires processing outside people.debian.org, or moving the page to
Alioth. In the meantime, apologies for the elitistic choice...

This page shows the data from the languages currently supported in
Debian Installer as well as languages which are currently in the "New
Language Process" described in chapter 3 of the new D-I i18n

The page show which percentage of the world population (estimated to
6400M people) we currently support in D-I. The data for the number of
speakers for each language is courtesy of "Ethnologue: Languages of
the World, Fifteenth edition", online version at


I hereby wish to thank Eugeniy Meshcheryakov whose knowledge of XSL
and XML allowed this to be possible. My own involvement has just been
pushing the idea and collecting the data.

PS: the incredible precision of percentages will be corrected, I hope..:-)


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