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Documentation for the spellchecker

I'm trying to write down some documentation for the spellchecker, both for
a future deb package and (mainly) for the translators who want to use it
to spellcheck po files for the installer.
ATM the plain text documentation is derived from notes/emails collected in
the last few weeks; before merging it with the "Debian Installer
Internationalization and Localization Guide" at

I'd like to know what you think about it; In particular I'd like to know
if the structure of the document should be changed or I can just go on
adding stuff to what is there.
You can find the docs in the SVN repository inside


ATM these are the docs available:
- tips.txt  
- wl.txt

tips.txt is the file I'm working on in these days: it contains an
introduction and details about the output produced by the spellchecker

wl.txt contains some details about wordlists

 INTERNALS.txt is very outdated but useful just for people
interested in setting up the spellchecker for a particular set of po files
(i.e. not necessarily d-i translations)

thanx for your help,


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