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Re: Announcing the real time list of supported languages in Debian Installer

Christian Perrier wrote:

> http://people.debian.org/~bubulle/d-i/i18n-doc/languages.xml

Thanks for this nice overview.

I noticed that Faroese (fo) is completely missing from the
list although there at least is a partial Faroese locale
included in Debian.

> You currently need a fully XML/XSL capable browser for this to
> display. Mozilla and Firefox are reported OK

Galeon (1.3.21-6) also works.

»Och eftersom jag alltid haft en alltför låg
 självbevarelsesdrift, och dessutom en tunga
 som varit lös i båda ändarna, så ...«
                            -- fra Populärmusik från Vittula

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