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Re: What release? (was:Re: SVN problem committing D-I Level 1 :(

> Perhaps all the rush has been about the Installer. Or is it not being  
> released either? The installer status page, and the emphasis on the  
> new Reference Card indicated to me that _something_ was being released.

Yes, it tells so.

A beta version of the installer is to happen as soon as possible. This
is why I urged translators to sync their translations, especially for
level 1.

Installer releases are aimed at wider testing of the installer as well
as offering an installer for our users who want to install the
"testing" or the "unstable" version of Debian with something else than
daily builds (which may be badly broken).

The installer team had a first plan for a release at the end of
July. However, the status of packages which are not part of the
installer prevented us to do so.

And this still prevents us to release, actually. The Debian
development branches are in a wide transition plan and this indirectly
affects the installer.

We are currently waiting for the 2.6.12 kernels to enter testing so
that we can seriously imagine an installer beta release.

The D-I team meeting on Sept17th at 16:00UTC willprobably make this

For translators: I still urge you to RESYNC YOUR TRANSLATIONS. This is
especially true for translators who are VERY LATE and basically made
no update since the sarge release:

 9 089%	 ar
   089%	 sq	2
10 088%	 ca
   088%	 et
   088%	 tr
   088%	 zh_TW	4
11 087%	 ko
   087%	 sl	2
12 084%	 bs
   084%	 cy
   084%	 fi
   084%	 hr
   084%	 hu
   084%	 nn
   084%	 pa_IN
   084%	 sv	8
13 066%	 fa	1
14 058%	 mg	1
15 057%	 xh	1
16 045%	 lv	1
17 041%	 eo	1
18 040%	 hi	1
19 019%	 be	1

(some of these are work in progress, such as eo, hi, be....but several
above NEED UPDATES. You were 100% in May, folks)

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