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Re: [D-I] Hints for timezone names translations in D-I

On Thursday 28 July 2005 22:01, Ming Hua wrote:
> I suppose these timezones are defined in glibc.  If there is a
> possibility to fix this (at least in Debian packages), I would
> volunteer to collect the official data, at write a summary.  I'm afraid
> I can't write any code myself though.  Is debian-i18n a good place to
> discuss this, or should I write somewhere else?

IIUC there is already code to "overrule" the glibc options with one value 
for a particular country.
I guess the easiest thing is to identify the correct timezone and file a 
wishlist bugreport against package clock-setup (or while that package 
does not exist yet on http://packages.debian.org, just send a mail to 
debian-boot list).


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