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Re: [D-I] THIRD CALL to D-I translation coordinators, please ACK

I'm alive.  Your address just blocked all mails from Korea.

2005-06-13 (월), 18:19 +0200, Christian Perrier 쓰시길:
> This is the third call for this.
> Up to now, the following people and/or team have not shown sign of
> life (there may have been some omissions by me, though...this is all
> manual work..:-))
> Please just give a short answer. I need to quickly identify those
> people who actually DO NOT follow debian-i18n and try to reactivate
> communication with them as soon as possible.
> I *know* that some people listed below DO read debian-i18n. Please
> answer.
> If your language is not listed below, then you or your language
> coordinator probably sent me an ACK mail.
> Line format:
> language,coord mail,coord name,backup coord,team list
> bs	sapphire@linux.org.ba, sapphire@bih.net.ba	Safir Secerovic	Vedran Ljubovic <vljubovic@smartnet.ba>	lokal@linux.org.ba
> ca	jordi@debian.org	Jordi Mallach		debian-l10n-catalan@lists.debian.org
> da	claus_h@image.dk	Claus Hindsgaul		
> de	seppy@debian.org	Dennis Stampfer		
> fa	a.bijanzadeh@linuxiran.org	Arash Bijanzadeh	Radwan Khayat <rkhayat@gmail.com>	
> fi	tale@debian.org	Tapio Lehtonen		
> hi	raviratlami@yahoo.com	ravi shrivastava	Rajesh Menon <rajeshmenon@nyu.edu>	indlinux@lists.sourceforge.net
> hr	kruno@linux.hr	Krunoslav Gernhard		lokalizacija@linux.hr
> hu	vi@fsf.hu	VERÓK Istvan		debian-l10n-hungarian@lists.debian.org
> ko	cwryu@debian.org	Changwoo Ryu		debian-l10n-korean@lists.debian.org
> lv	aigarius@debian.org	Aigars Mahinovs		
> mg	jaonary@ifrance.com	Jaonary Rabarisoa		
> mk	glisha@mail.net.mk	Georgi Stanojevski 	Novica Nakov <novica@bagra.org>	 
> nb	bjornst@powertech.no	Bjorn Steensrud	Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@debian.org>	i18n-no@lister.ping.uio.no
> pt_BR	andrelop@debian.org	André Luis Lopes		
> sl	gandalfar@gmail.com	Jure Cuhalev		
> sq	pinguini@fastwebnet.it	Elyan Myftiu		
> sr	demonbane@the-love-shack.net	Alex Malinovich		
> sv	pelle@dsv.su.se	Per Olofson	André Dahlqvist <anedah-9-DONOTPUBLISH@student.ltu.se>	
> af		Andrea Lindenberg <genewolf@gmail.com>	Andrea Lindenberg <genewolf@gmail.com>	
> wo	samba.diop@fr.tiscali.com	Samba Ndao Diop	Mouhamadou Mamoune Mbacke <mouhamadoumamoune@gmail.com>	
> kab	aaitkhelifa@yahoo.fr	Azzedine Ait Khelifa		
> be	adorosh2@it.org.by	Andrei Darashenka 		
Changwoo Ryu <cwryu@debian.org>

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