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DebInstLev1 again...

More checking, sorry:

In strings listing parameters:

 The configured parameters are:\n
 read channel = ${device_read}\n
 write channel = ${device_write}\n
 data channel = ${device_data}\n
 port = ${port}\n
 portname = ${portname}

can we translate the name of the parameter? I was unsure, in case the parameter name is listed for identification when substituting: in case the user would have to identify it in English at some stage in the install. In which case one could do both:

Những tham số có cấu hỉnh là:\n
 read channel (kênh đọc) = ${device_read}\n


Please advise. :)

from Clytie (vi-VN, team/nhóm Gnome-vi)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

Ở thành phố Renmark, tại miền sông của Nam Úc

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