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Re: ddp: manpages status

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 09:40:11PM +0100, Ruben Porras wrote:
> I don't know where can I put this scripts to make the web public and
> regenerated everyday, I don't find any documentation about how to
> publish web pages using my alioth account, something like people.d.o, is
> it possible? If you think this could be helpful, its feasible to publish
> that under the the ddp project?

This is great.  If you do not know how to add it to Alioth, I can put it
under http://people.debian.org/~barbier/

> Second, as you could see there is no link with the translator's email,
> this is because we don't have this stored, one maintainer complained to
> me that the only way to know that is reading the translation, and trying
> to guess. At least we should add this the INFOS.

Do you mean that the Translator field should be mandatory, with a valid
email address?

> Third, there is no easy way to tell whether the manpages in the cvs and
> in the package are in sync, or even packaged.
> Without the cvs is not
> possible to know in which version of the english manpage is based the
> translation, maybe some teams include these in its translations, I don't
> know, but there isn't a standard way. I suggest to include the following
> at the begging of the translations as a comment:
> Version: X.Y
> Encoding: foo
> Original: origina.file
> Original-Package-Version: bar 1.5 + cvs xx.yy.zz
> CVS-Repository: ++++
> Original-CVS-Revision: X.YY
> Last-Translator: name <email>
> Previous-Translators: name1 <email1>; name2 <email2> ...
> Reviewers: the same
> At this time there is little script in the ddp named check_packaged.pl,
> it diffs the files in the package and in the cvs, I did that some time
> ago, but it seems to me a temporary solution.

Huh?  Why is manual edition of a file better than an automatic check?


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