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Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the eagle-usb package

Hi Luk,

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 03:53:10PM +0100, Luk Claes wrote:
> Dear maintainer of eagle-usb and Debian translators,
> On 16 feb 2005, I sent a notice to the maintainer of the eagle-usb Debian
> package, mentioning the status of pending localization bug reports in
> the BTS.
> I announced the intent to build and possibly upload a non-maintainer
> upload for this package in order to fix all its long-time pending
> localisation bugs (and these bugs only).
> Since then, I didn't get any objection from the package maintainer and
> then I will start the second phase of the process.
> If needed, I will notify the translators for languages for which the
> translation is still incomplete without update sent to the BTS so that
> they have a chance to send updates on time.

The lastest upstream packages contains change. Once the package is
ready, I will notify you.

> The following translations exist but are incomplete: de
> ~            (even after applying pending l10n bugs, of course)

I applied any patches sent into the BTS.

> The deadline for receiving updates and new translations is fixed to
> 27 feb 2005.

I will upload a new package. If you recieved any update, can you please
provide it to me ?

> Of course, if in the meantime the maintainer objects to this process,
> I will stop it and send him/her all updates I have received.

Neither me nor Cyril objects. 

> Otherwise, the following will happen (or already have):
> -16 feb 2005: send the first intent to NMU notice to
> ~              the package maintainer
> -24 feb 2005: this announcement
> -27 feb 2005: deadline for receiving translation updates
> - 1 mar 2005: build the package and upload it to DELAYED/2-day
> ~              send the NMU patch to the BTS
> - 3 mar 2005: NMU uploaded to incoming
> - 4 mar 2005: NMU enters unstable
> As you may see, the NMUed package will be built and then uploaded to
> DELAYED/2-day, giving the maintainer two more days for reacting to the
> NMU.
> I will then subscribe to the package PTS and follow its life for 60
> days after my NMU in order to fix any issue potentially introduced by
> my upload.
> Of course the NMU patch will also be sent to the BTS.

Thanks for you involvement in i18n.

                                Pierre Machard
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