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D-I Manual - Dropping appendix D.3 "Acknowledgements and Thanks"

Joey Hess and I have discussed several times what to do with appendix D.3 
of Sarge's Installation Guide. Our view is that it would be best to drop 

The reasons are:
- the major contributors and history of the manual are already mentioned
  in D.4;
- the lists as they currently are, are ridiculously long and ugly;
- it is not really fair to give so much credit to contributers to the
  manual and none at all to the people who have worked on the installer
- for a lot of the translators that are mentioned it is unknown when or
  how much they contributed to the manual (a lot of them probably only
  translated previous versions); the list is almost impossible to

Joey has mentioned an idea to set up a page on the d-i website instead 
where contributers (both to the installer and manual) can be listed.

Also, I am thinking of adding a single paragraph where translators can 
maintain their own list of (primary) translators in D.4, for their own 
language only!
I would advise translation teams to just mention major the coordinator and 
maybe contributors in that paragraph and thank everybody else in a phrase 
like "all translators and reviewers from the translation team for <your 
language> at <your l10n mailinglist>".

Your comments to this proposal are welcome. If no very convincing 
arguments against it are offered, I intend to implement this next week.


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