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ddp: manpages status

Hello, it's the first time I send a message to this list, so I'll
present myself a bit, I'm helping with the translation of Debian
documentation into spanish since a long time, mainly with the manpages,
and now I'd like to improve a bit their situation, I'll explain some of
my concerns.

First, we are lacking a central web page where we can see at a glance
which manpages are outdated, translated, or untranslated, and who is the
last translator. Actually, if I'm right the only way to know this is to
read the INFOS files in the cvs, new translators usually find this a
difficulty. So, as a first try if done a webpage [0]. The scripts that
build that are attached, they are based on the scripts already in the
ddp project, probably they aren't elegant, and the english page need to
be removed, but they seem to work.

I don't know where can I put this scripts to make the web public and
regenerated everyday, I don't find any documentation about how to
publish web pages using my alioth account, something like people.d.o, is
it possible? If you think this could be helpful, its feasible to publish
that under the the ddp project?

Second, as you could see there is no link with the translator's email,
this is because we don't have this stored, one maintainer complained to
me that the only way to know that is reading the translation, and trying
to guess. At least we should add this the INFOS.

Third, there is no easy way to tell whether the manpages in the cvs and
in the package are in sync, or even packaged. Without the cvs is not
possible to know in which version of the english manpage is based the
translation, maybe some teams include these in its translations, I don't
know, but there isn't a standard way. I suggest to include the following
at the begging of the translations as a comment:

Version: X.Y
Encoding: foo
Original: origina.file
Original-Package-Version: bar 1.5 + cvs xx.yy.zz
CVS-Repository: ++++
Original-CVS-Revision: X.YY
Last-Translator: name <email>
Previous-Translators: name1 <email1>; name2 <email2> ...
Reviewers: the same

At this time there is little script in the ddp named check_packaged.pl,
it diffs the files in the package and in the cvs, I did that some time
ago, but it seems to me a temporary solution.

Finally, some translation teams don't write the INFOS properly, ru as an

Suggest and comments are welcome.

[0] http://socios.linuca.org/nahoo/debian/table.fr.html

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