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Re: zope-* packages using almost same debconf templates

On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 03:54:12PM +0100, Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
> Il giorno lun, 21-02-2005 alle 21:57 +0100, Jens Nachtigall ha scritto:
> > Nice to hear that there might be a solution at the horizon. afaik, 
> > plone2 is in sarge now, so maybe you could do us translators a very big 
> > favour and switch to that zope-common package mechanism. anyway, even a 
> > package-variable would help much, since then each template would have 
> > the same wording. Will you do one of these things within the next time 
> > (ie the next 2, 3 weeks) as I could somehow read through your lines?
> There is no zope-common package in Debian, yet. Matthias Klose is
> working on it for Ubuntu and I don't know when his work will be included
> in Debian (and I'm not sure it will be included in sarge, anyway).
> However, be sure that in the next days I'll try to find a solution. 
> Talk to you later,

This shared template may surely be put into zope instead of a new, tiny,
zope-common package.

To understand how shared debconf templates can work, you need to read
debconf-devel(7), in particular about REGISTER and SUBST commands, and
the "Advanced programing with debconf" section.


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